What if I need to make revisions to my book or ebook after I have received my formatted files?

If you have received a formatted file from Ebook Launch and need to revise it, here is our revision policy and how to go about making changes:

  1. Since our formatted files are not locked, you are able to make changes yourself. However, this may sometimes require special applications or technical knowledge. If you do make revisions to any file we sent you, we cannot fix it for you if you have issues nor can we check the file. If you make changes to the file, you are responsible for those changes. If you are unable to make the revisions yourself, we can make them for you.
  2. Please submit your revisions (e.g. spelling or grammar corrections, etc.) through our request for revisions form here: Revisions to Formatted Files Form
  3. Ebook Launch will send you a quote to make these revisions within two business days.
  4. Ebook Launch charges $10 per file for the first 10 revisions, whether it is 1 revision or 10. This is because it takes the same amount of time to set up the book for 1 change as it does for 10 changes. After the first 10 changes, it is an additional $1 per change per file. Even simple revisions require time. Therefore, in order for Ebook Launch to remain a viable business and allow us to serve you into the future, we charge for revisions.
  5. When filling out the request for revisions form, please provide 3 words before and/or after the word or phrase that is to be corrected so that we can use Microsoft Word's 'Find' function to locate the sentence. The following is an example: 

    To revise "walk" to "ran" in the following sentence, please indicate:
    Incorrect: Jack and Jill walk up a hill.
    Correct: Jack and Jill ran up a hill.
    Note: change 'walk' to 'ran'
  6. If a spelling mistake needs to be corrected in all instances of the word throughout the book, we will find and replace all. Please leave a comment to that effect (e.g. “replace all instances of <old word> with <new word>”). There is no need to include every instance of it.
  7. Please do not reference page numbers, paragraphs or locations. Send the corrections required as per the above.
  8. If there are more than 30 revisions, this will require a reformat of your book. If we sent you a Word doc, please edit this file yourself and resubmit this revised file through our quote form here: Request a Quote for Formatting
  9. If there are any formatting issues, you can submit those to us separately in an email. There is no charge for correcting formatting issues, but please provide them in one list in an email within 10 days of receiving your formatted file.

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