What if I need to make revisions to my book or ebook after I have received my formatted files?

IMPORTANT: Our files are not locked in any way so you may be tempted to make changes yourself. Before doing so please consider that if you revise a file we have provided, we can no longer revise it, provide support to it, or guarantee it. You are responsible for those changes, so be sure to back up the original files.

Below is an outline of how to go about having Ebook Launch make the changes for you:

Ebook Launch considers a revision a small change to your book file(s) to correct a typo, spelling error, remove a word, insert a word, change a period for a comma, etc. A revision is not removing and/or replacing whole paragraphs within the book. This would be considered a reformat.

  1. Please submit your revisions (e.g. spelling or grammar corrections, etc.) through our request for revisions form here: Revisions to Formatted Files Form
  2. When filling out the request for revisions form, please provide 3 words before and/or after the word or phrase that is to be corrected so that we can use Microsoft Word's 'Find' function to locate the sentence. The following is an example: 

    To revise "walk" to "ran" in the following sentence, please indicate:
    Incorrect: Jack and Jill walk up a hill.
    Correct: Jack and Jill ran up a hill.
    Note: change [Ebook Version, or Print Version, or Print and Ebook Version], 'walk' to 'ran' (please do not put in the page number, location number, etc.)

    If a spelling mistake needs to be corrected in all instances of the word throughout the book, we will find and replace all. Please leave a comment to that effect (e.g. “replace all instances of <old word> with <new word>”). There is no need to include every instance of it.

    Please do not reference page numbers, paragraphs or locations. Send the corrections required as per the above.

    If there are more than 30 revisions, this will require a reformat of your book. If we sent you a Word doc, please edit this file yourself and resubmit this revised file through our quote form here: Request a Quote for Formatting
  3. Ebook Launch will send you a quote to make these revisions within two business days. Prices will depend on the changes needed. The minimum fee/file is $10USD/file or $15USD/invoice (whichever is greater) because of the setup time required to make the revisions.
  4. If the revisions are formatting related (eg. a mistake on our part). Please email us directly and we'll be happy to address the issue.
NOTE: The revisions will be made to the latest version of your project (all files). This is to avoid confusion/versioning discrepancies. If you would like changes made to only one file type, please let us know.
FAQ about our revisions process:

1. Is there a time frame for revisions?
A: Within reason, there isn't a time frame for revisions. By 'within reason' we mean, we can't guarantee that we will always have your file to correct.

2. Is there a maximum amount of times you can submit a revision form?
A: No, there is not a maximum amount of times you can submit a revision form but please remember that it is a minimum of $10/per file each time. This is for the time it takes to set up your book for revisions.

3. How long does it take to make revisions?
A: This depends on the number of revisions but we do make revising a file a priority so it will not be more than a few days. We always do everything we can to get the corrected file back to you as soon as possible.

4. My revision is so small.
A: Please remember that even if your revision seems small to you, we get hundreds of requests for revisions so they are not small to us as they all take time.

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