What is included in Ebook Launch's ebook formatting service?

All of Ebook Launch's ebook formatting services include the following: 

  • Ebook file(s) formatted and guaranteed for upload to the retailers/distributors indicated on your order form.
  • A linked table of contents. (links to chapter headings)
  • A labelled NCX for epub file types.
  • Frontmatter (e.g. copyright and title page).
  • Preserved direct character styling (i.e. bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript).
  • Formatting in a single font (this varies between applications, devices, and user settings).
  • Formatting in font sizes 11 to 16 points.
  • Curly quotation marks
  • Hyperlinks to sited websites, social media, and/or email (if applicable. Note that this does not include linking to locations within the book, excluding the table of contents and endnotes). All links, including internal links, will be underlined and a color determined by the eReader app or device. Please note that we only format what you provide. If the word is linked, we will format it that way. If you provide the URL we will format that so it links.
  • Processing and optimization of images (if applicable). (This does not include cropping, adding borders, or improving the quality of an image.) Because of reflowable text, we cannot guarantee that captions will be on the same page/screen as the image. If MS Word is used to format images in any way, this will be lost when formatted as an ebook as we only use the raw images.
  • Conversion of tables to images (if applicable). Ebook Launch uses the table provided (if applicable) by the client as table design is not included in formatting.
  • Conversion of footnotes to linked endnotes if MS Words footnote/endnote function has been used where the footnote links to the endnote and the endnote links back to the footnote (if applicable). (please note that we do not format for 'pop-up' footnotes as we have found they only work on some ereaders)

In addition:

EPUB formatting includes:

  • An epub file with the cover inserted.
  • An epub file without the cover inserted.

Amazon EPUB (for Amazon KDP) formatting includes:

  • An epub file formatted only for upload to Amazon KDP (the file we provide is not for viewing on tablets or smartphones as they need a different format. Once you publish, Amazon provides all the formats required by the different devices)– a cover is not inserted, as you will upload it separately when you publish your ebook.

Word Doc (for Smashwords) formatting includes:

  • A Word doc file formatted for upload to Smashwords – a cover is not inserted, as you will upload this separately when you publish your ebook.
  • The Word doc formatting is guaranteed to meet the Smashwords' Premium Catalog requirements.
PDF ebook file (for agents, reviewers, etc.) includes:
  • A PDF file a copy of the ebook files with the cover inserted and active links. There isn't any extra formatting.
    Do not confuse this file with the PDF for print. It does not have headers, page numbers, vertically centered text. This file is not intended for mass distribution.

Click here for details about Ebook Cover Formatting

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