What are the different formats used for?

The file formats that Ebook Launch offers and their uses are as follows: 

  1. Epub (With cover): For upload to IngramSpark, Google Play(Some publishers require that the ebook cover be inserted before it is uploaded.)
  2. Epub (Without cover): For upload to Apple, Kobo, Draft 2 Digital, and/or Barnes & Noble. (Some publishers insert the ebook cover after it is uploaded.)
  3. Epub for Lulu: Epub optimized for upload to Lulu.com
  4. Epub for Amazon KDP: Epub optimized for upload to Amazon KDP
  5. Smashword Word doc: Word doc formatted for Smashwords according to the Smashwords Style Guide. Our formatting is guaranteed for the Smashwords Premium Catalog.
  6. PDF ebook: A copy of the ebook formatting in PDF form. Can be used to send to reviewers, agents, etc. For more information, click here.
  7. PDF for print: For upload to Amazon KDP Print and/or IngramSpark Print

If you would like a quote to have Ebook Launch format your book, please submit it here.

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