Hardcover Design Overview

What is a hardcover print design?

Many authors love the feeling of holding their books physically in their hands. A hardcover book is a designed file that you can upload to print-on-demand platforms like IngramSpark and Amazon KDP. 

The terminology when describing different book printing can be confusing so to help clarify, we have listed some of the terms that are used to describe this product:

  • Hardback
  • Hardcover 
  • Case laminate (Case Lam)
  • Casewrap

We call it a "Hardcover" but these terms all describe the same thing and are used to differentiate between the two other main types of printing: perfect bound paperback, and dust jacket (which has a removable cover with flaps). A hardcover doesn’t have a removable cover. Instead, the cover image is pasted right onto the front of the book. It also has a hard/stiff cover compared to that of the paperback. You can read more about these options and which is best for your book in our post about hardcover vs paperback.  IngramSpark also offers an option called the Jacketed Case Laminate where both the removable dust jacket and hardcover case laminate files are required.

What is included when I order a hardcover print design?

One final PDF file that can be uploaded to your preferred print-on-demand (POD) platform. If you're distributing with more than one printing platform and require more than one hardcover print file, we offer them for an additional charge. IngramSpark and KDP Print require two different print-ready files, for example. 

Unless stated otherwise, the hardcover design will include all of the same information on the paperback cover (e.g. trim size, page count, spine, blurb). However, some authors prefer to have different blurbs/reviews on their hardcover which is not an issue. Please advise upon ordering if you would like different text on your hardcover than that of your paperback. Similarly, some authors choose to have their hardcover as a different trim size. Please specify if this is the case for your book.

We will generate a barcode with the ISBN provided by the author. A separate and unique ISBN will be required for the hardcover.

How much does a hardcover cost?

The price for our hardcover design is listed on our cover design extras form (once you select it).

What are the specifications of the print-ready hardcover file?

  • File Type: PDF
  • File Size: <50MB
  • Dimensions: Trim size (e.g. 5x8) will be specified by author/publisher. The final page count will determine how thick the spine is. 
  • Colour Profile: CMYK
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
Below are examples of two hardcover files. One has been prepared for Amazon KDP and the other for IngramSpark

What is the process for ordering and designing the hardcover print file?

Please note that we only offer this service for books that Ebook Launch has designed the front/ebook and paperback cover for.


You can order your hardcover in one of three ways:

  1. You can order it when you first order your book cover design
  2. It may be included in your book cover design package
  3. You can order it on our cover design extras form at a later date after we have already designed your ebook cover.
  • The process for designing your hardcover begins after we have an approved ebook and paperback cover design to work with. There is no time limit between the completion of the ebook and paperback cover design and the start of the hardcover design.
  • We will confirm the information necessary to start (e.g. trim size, page count etc). 
  • Once we have confirmed the information, we'll prepare and present your hardcover for your review for any errors. We'll fix any changes you have at this point, free of charge. Once you approve, let us know. 
  • Once the file is approved, your hardcover files and any final instructions will be sent and the project is considered complete.

What is the turnaround time for designing a hardcover?

  • Once we have received payment as well as confirming the necessary information to begin, the hardcover will be sent within 7 business days. 

What is the revision process?

All revisions and/or changes while the project is active will be made free of charge. If you decide at a later date after approval of the project that you'd like to make further changes please email us to let us know. At that point, a quote will be sent to you based on the complexity of the request.

If there's anything missing or that is unclear about the process or what's included when you order this item from us. Please contact us to let us know.

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