What does Ebook Launch's ebook cover formatting service include?

As part of Ebook Launch's ebook cover formatting service, we ensure that your ebook cover file meets the ebook publishers' requirements.

1. Some of the ebook cover requirements that we look at  (and format if required) include:

  • Size
  • Resolution
  • Format - we use JPG as this is accepted by all publishers
  • Content - we check to ensure that your cover does not contain URL’s, etc., as these are not accepted by all publishers

2. Note that ebook cover formatting does not include:

  • Modification to design, such as adding, removing, or altering text or images.
  • Formatting your cover for print. Click here for more information about the difference between print covers and ebook covers. If we have designed your ebook cover and you now need a print cover, please order one here.

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