Why do I have blank pages in my print book PDF file?

Blank pages in your print book PDF file may be due to a couple of reasons. However, it is first important to understand what one is seeing when viewing this PDF file. Each page is either a right/odd/front or a left/even/back page. The ‘right’ page is the ‘front’, and the following ‘left’ page is the ‘back’ side of the previous ‘right’ page. 

    Keeping this in mind, the following are some reasons your book may have blank pages:

    • Your front matter ends on a right/odd/front page. The first ‘chapter’ of the book will start on a right/odd/front page, therefore the previous left page will be blank.
    • Your book has a Part I, Part II, etc. (or something similar). These are divider pages, which start on the right/odd/front pages. The chapter immediately following this page starts on a right/odd/front page, so the previous left/even/back page is blank.
    • The text of your book ends on a right/odd/front page. This means that the last page of your book will be blank since each page has two sides and a book will always have an even number of pages.

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