What is the formatting process?

The following is the formatting process:

  1. Submit your book file to request a formatting quote through our Request for Formatting Quote form.
    • The file does not need to be the final file but it should be as close to finished a possible. If there are any major changes, please advise us.
    • We will review your file and email you a quote.
  2. If you accept the quote, we will email you an invoice payable via credit card (or PayPal upon request)
    • You can request changes to the quote if required.
  3. Once you pay the invoice, you are giving us permission to begin formatting immediately, so no further updates can be accepted.
    • If you need to send an updated file, please do so before paying the invoice. You can email us the update file or send it through our contact form.

For a formatting quote from Ebook Launch, please submit your book for review through our form here.

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