How do I view the PDF-for-print file that Ebook Launch emailed to me?

  1. To view the PDF-for-print file you will need either, Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    1. Preview comes with your Apple OS.
    2. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here:
  2. To best visualize what the printed book will look like, view the PDF two pages at a time while reviewing the file. This setting can generally be found under the 'View' menu.
    1. If you are using Adobe Acrobat select menu item 'View' > 'Page Display' > 'Two Page View'  and  'Show Cover Page in Two Page View' (in the same sub-menu).
    2. If you are using Apple Preview select menu item 'View' > 'Two Pages'
  3. In either case, the title page should always be by itself if it is the first page or on the right side if there are pages before the title page.

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