What is order of the sections in a book?

The suggested order of the sections in a book are as follows:

  1. Half-title page (Optional) (Front Matter) (Not usually in an ebook)
  2. Title page (Front Matter)
  3. Copyright page (Front Matter)
  4. Dedication (Optional) (Front Matter)
  5. Epigraph (Optional) (Front Matter)
  6. Table of Contents (Not usually in the print fiction/chapter books) (Front Matter)
  7. Foreword (Optional) (Front Matter)
  8. Preface (Optional) (Front Matter)
  9. Acknowledgements (Optional) (can also go at the end of the book) (Front Matter)
  10. Introduction (Optional)
  11. Body of Book
  12. Appendix (Optional) (Back Matter)
  13. Bibliography (Optional) (Back Matter)
  14. Resources (Optional) (Back Matter)
  15. Index (Optional) (Back Matter)
  16. Other Books by Author (Optional) (Back Matter)
  17. About the Author (Optional) (Back Matter) (This can go on the back cover of a print book)
  18. Author Contact Information (Optional) (Back Matter)
  19. Endnotes (Optional) (Back Matter)

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