Audiobook Cover Design Overview

What is an audiobook cover design?

Many authors offer their books as audiobooks. An audiobook cover is an image that represents your book on audiobook platforms like Audible, ACX, Tantor Media, etc.
Note: We only offer this service for book covers that we have designed.

What's included when I order an Audiobook cover design? 

One final file that is adapted from your book cover design that can be used as the image for your book on audiobook platforms. See an example of an audiobook conversion from a book cover below:

Ebook Cover

Audiobook Cover

How much does an audiobook cover cost?

The price for our audiobook design is listed on our cover design extras form (once you select it).

What are the specifications for the file that you will be receiving?

  • File Type: JPG
  • File Size: <5MB
  • Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 pixels. Images will be a true square, not a rectangular image with borders.
  • Colour Profile: RGB
  • 24-bit (True Color) minimum.
  • Resolution: 72 DPI

What is the process?

Order Process

You can order your Audiobook cover in one of three ways:

  1. You can order it when you first order your book cover design
  2. It may be included in your book cover design package
  3. You can order it on our cover design extras form at a later date after we have already designed your book cover.

Design Process

  1. The process for designing your Audiobook begins after we have an approved book cover design to work with.
  2. The audiobook cover will be adapted from the approved book cover design. It can also include a narrator's credit if requested.
  3. After receiving the file, you can review it for any errors. We'll fix any changes you have at this point, free of charge. Once you approve, let us know.
  4. Once the file is approved any final files and instructions will be sent, if necessary, and the project is considered complete. 

What is the turnaround time for this project? 

  • If the Audiobook Cover was ordered after the book cover design was completed, it will be sent within 7 business days of payment of the invoice.
  • If the Audiobook Cover was ordered at the same time as the book cover or is part of a cover design package, it will be sent within 7 business days of your approval of the book cover. 

Revision Process

All revisions and/or changes while the project is active will be made free of charge. If you decide at a later date after approval of the project that you'd like to make further changes please email us to let us know. At that point, a quote will be sent to you based on the complexity of the request.

If there's anything missing or that is unclear about the process or what's included when you order this item from us. Please contact us to let us know.

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