How do I find the final page count of my formatted PDF?

In order to prepare a cover for print, we require the page count of your finalized PDF interior file. This number is used to calculate the width of the spine.

Do not use the page numbers in the footer to determine this, as they do not count the front matter etc.

Instead, look for the total number of pages in the document. Each application displays this a little differently. In the example below (macOS Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader), the total page count of the document is 152 pages:


Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Kindle Create:

If you are preparing to upload a print book using Kindle Create then you won't see a page count or page numbers in KC because your KPF file is just an intermediate file that will eventually be converted to a proper PDF for print. On upload to KDP Print, all the required data is obtained from the KDP Paperback Details and Content pages so that the the following tasks will be automatically be completed whenever you upload you KPF file to KDP Print:

  1. Consecutive page numbering will automatically be detected and added correctly from chapter 1.
  2. The alternating title/author headers will automatically be set correctly throughout your book from chapter 1.
  3. The TOC item page numbers will automatically be calculated and added to your KC-derived TOC page when you upload to KDP Paperback.
  4. All calculations for trim, bleed, spine, paper type, margins etc will automatically be set or calculated from the metadata on the KDP Paperback Details and Contents pages when you upload your book to KDP Paperback.

Because the above actions calculations are all automatic on upload, you will not be able to edit or style your headers(title/author) or footers(page numbers) and you won't be able to add separate page numbering to the front matter of your book in Kindle Create

And the only way that you can test and check your KPF file for print is to upload it on KDP Print(but don't publish). On the KDP Paperback Content page you can check your manuscript and cover as a whole book(with page numbering, headers etc) using Preview in the Kindle Book Preview section.

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