Ebook Launch Formatting Terms

The following are Ebook Launch's formatting terms:
  1. Ebook Launch guarantees the formatting of the original formatted file(s) for upload, for 30 days after the formatted file(s) have been emailed to the client.
  2. Ebook formatting projects include what is listed here. Only the file types ordered by the client, according to their paid invoice, are included. 
  3. Print book formatting projects include what is listed here.
  4. Ebook Launch expects clients to familiarize themselves with Ebook Launch's formatting process before paying their invoice to ensure they are aware of what to expect.
  5. By paying their invoice, the client indicates that Ebook Launch has the absolute final version of their book file and approves Ebook Launch to begin the client’s formatting project.  
  6. Ebook Launch formats according to the turnaround times listed here
  7. Ebook Launch expects its clients to understand the difference between print book formatting and ebook formatting, and confirm that they have ordered the desired services. For more information, click here
  8. Ebook Launch uses the tables provided (if applicable) by the client as table design is not included in the formatting process.

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