What do I need to know about Ebook Launch's ebook formatting process?

The following is a list of points we think would be helpful for you to be aware of regarding our ebook formatting process. It may be worthwhile to review your book file with these points in mind. Just remember to send Ebook Launch the final version of your book file before paying your invoice. 

  1. Ebooks have a title page with the minimum content of a title, subtitle (if applicable), and author(s) name(s). If your book file does not have a title page, we will create one using the information you provide on our form. Your title page must contain the same text as your cover page.
  2. Ebooks should have a copyright page. If you don’t have one, we will create one for you. Just note we will use the author’s name if a copyright holder is not listed. For example, “Copyright 2012 Author Name”.
  3. Preferably, your chapter headings and numbering are consecutive to ensure a properly linked table of contents. We occasionally find inconsistencies and do our best to fix them.
  4. Ebook Launch doesn’t format documents that contain text boxes. Please cut and paste this text into the body of your document. We will differentiate this text within the formatted document. 
  5. Images with a lot of small text do not display well on some devices. Please consider this when deciding whether or not you want certain images included in your ebook.
  6. Any tables, graphs, or charts in your book will be converted to images and inserted into the text body. Please consider that some tables with a lot of detailed text may not display well on some devices.
  7. We remove references to ebook retailers (e.g. links to your ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Most retailers will not accept your book if it contains references to other retailers. 
  8. Page numbers are removed during ebook formatting since ebooks do not have page numbers per se. Any page numbers seen when viewing an ebook are set by the software or device used by the reader.
  9. Coloured text can be difficult or impossible to read on some devices, therefore all text in your book will be converted to black during our formatting process unless otherwise discussed. 
  10. Formatting is done in only one font. This is because the device or software used by the reader will determine the font style of your ebook.
  11. Formatting is done in font sizes 11 to 16 point only to ensure readability on all devices. The reader will be able to change font size using their device or software.
  12. Drop caps are removed during formatting since they do not display well on most devices.
  13. Ebook Launch does not format ebooks with columns, tabs, hanging indents, highlights, or color font. These will be removed during formatting.
  14. We prefer that you use Microsoft Word’s footnote/endnote function if you would like linked footnotes/endnotes. Since ebooks do not necessarily have page numbers, footnotes will become endnotes during formatting.
  15. We do not require your ebook to have an ISBN to begin formatting. You can assign an ISBN to your ebook during your publishing process. For more information on ISBNs, click here.

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